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If you love nature, appreciate efforts on going green, recycling / upcycling almost everything, going organic, integrated farming, healthy living, connecting with nature, disconnection from urban life, and letting nature help you relax, then, Aashraya is the perfect place for you.

Aasharya is 6000 sq. ft. of dry stone construction, consisting of 03 cottages, a common dining and kitchen area. Located in such a manner, to optimise on the views, sunlight and privacy, this Farmstay Retreat near Rishikesh is all you need to lose yourself in nature.

If you are just 02 guests who are looking for a more private space, you may also stay at "The Lover's Pond": our private One-bedroom cottage that is located about 50 meters from the cottages at an exclusive space.


Our entire garden is 100% organic, we recycle everything and nothing leaves our premises as waste. The roofs are insulated with recycled jute bags. So far we have planted close to 1000 trees comprising of mainly fruit trees and most of our food is grown in our personal farm. We have also been recognized under the category of Sustainable Leadership Hotels at Outlook Responsible Tourism Awards.

The Space

for the nature-lover in you

Inherently, Aashraya consists of a Dining Hall and 03 exquisite air-conditioned/heated cottages with plush interiors and large glass windows that let you soak in the most awe-inspiring 180-degree view of the surrounding landscape. 


Each cottage is about 1000 square feet in size and has a double bed and enough space for 02 more extra beds to house a total group size of 12 pax at Aashraya. There is also a Plunge Pool and a Jacuzzi in the common gardens. 

All of our rooms have air-conditioner for cooling. We have set very high standards for our selves. The idea was to use as little cement as possible and no RCC.

We wanted to use as much local material as possible. The entire wood used has been sourced from Maruti Udyog (packaging wood). Our water supply comes from a fresh-water spring located about 2 km away using the principles of gravity.

One Bedroom Private Retreat

A wonderful valley, the sound of a gushing river Ganga, the sweet melodies of a variety of birds in the midst of it all, you chance upon a dreamy mountain cottage that is intentionally hidden from plain sight.

The Lover's Pond at Aashraya is a soul-stirring one-bedroom retreat that inspires togetherness, reflection and belonging and was self-architected, designed and executed by Depi.

The cottage is made almost entirely of dry stone and large floor-to-ceiling glass windows offering views of its beautiful natural surroundings from every corner. Perfect for those cosy evenings with your favourite person.


The all-glass front opens up to a private outdoor area with a pond and endless views of the majestic mountains. It is your private retreat in the middle of the forest with everything you need and nothing you don't.

02 Bedroom Private Villa

The Art House at Aashraya is a soul-stirring experiential retreat that inspires reflection, quietude, creativity and belonging.


The 02 bedroom cottage that offers spectacular views of the Ganga and is made of natural stone was self-architected, designed and executed by Depi as his personal residence and displays various forms of art that he has collected from many different parts of the world as well as those made by artists who have visited The Art House over the years.

The Cottage consists of 02 bedrooms and a living area and the entire place is made almost entirely of dry stone and large glass windows.​ A modern kitchen is attached to the house that is used by the private staff but can also be used by guests.

This beautiful Villa is only available for weekly or monthly stays and is perfect for families or groups looking for a private getaway.


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In and around Aashraya

See an Do

around Aashraya

Besides the more popular attractions in Rishikesh, there are plenty of things you can do at Aashraya -

Relaxation, gardening, helping at the farm (we encourage participation at the farm), meditation and yoga at the beach, a dip in the common swimming pool, chill in the jacuzzi, hydrotherapy at the beautiful waterfall, hiking on the ancient Badrinath walking route or just taking a leisurely walk through the nearby villages and to the temple.


We also arrange for day workshops at Aashraya to educate people on upcycling, sustainable farming, sustainable living, zero waste living etc. We would be happy to share, learn and expand our knowledge with you.


What to expect at Aashraya

Getting to Paradise

Aashraya is located away from all the hustle-bustle of the city of Rishikesh, about 45 kms ahead of Rishikesh on the banks of River Ganga. As with all great places, getting to this paradise-of-a-location requires a beautiful 2.2 km / 01 hour moderate trek that takes you across a river bridge and then through a forest and a village. A good fitness level is required to walk this stretch comfortably. 


Our staff will receive you at the starting point of the trek and help you out with your luggage. Mules can be hired on prior request at INR 300 PER mule (to be paid by guest). 

Physical Fitness

Hushstay x Aashraya is strongly recommended for outdoor lovers since we are surrounded by a number of great hiking trails. There is a waterfall and a secluded river beach just a few minutes hike away from the cottages. While you are here, we advise that you spend most of your time in the outdoors. If you are coming with younger kids / senior citizens who are physically fit and love the outdoors, we can promise they will have a good time. 



Aashraya is an eco-retreat and in our endeavour to go green, Aashraya is completely powered by Solar. Only Air-conditioners, Geysers and other heavy appliances run on electricity supplied by the government which is erratic and at times we have to manage without Air Conditioners. However, being in the middle of the forest and next to the Ganga, if you open up your windows and let the air through, there is always a nice breeze. We promise you will not regret it. 


The weather is similar to that of Rishikesh. The temperature is about 5 degrees cooler than Delhi and about 01 - 02 degrees cooler than Rishikesh due to the surrounding forest.

Sustainable Travel

We promote sustainable travel and we are very conscious about nature and we would like our guests to feel the same way. Most of the construction has been done keeping recycling / upcycling in mind. The stones used have been locally procured from the land itself. We try to reduce the use of single-use plastic as much as possible and hence, we do not provide cold drinks or bottled drinking water. Our drinking water comes from an RO and refillable water bottles are provided in each room.

Petrol Pumps

There are no petrol pumps close to the property so we request you to please fill up your tank before entering hills. Also, our power backup runs on Diesel, we always keep enough diesel to keep it running for 3-4 hours.

Food and Staff

Only Breakfast is included in the tariff. For other meals, there is a fixed as well as an A-la-carte menu that you can order from.

The meals offered, depend upon the raw materials available locally. If you have any special requests, please make sure you inform the staff 24-48 hrs in advance so that it can be sourced in time. We have a full staff including an in-house cook who will be at your service. Also, the staff has to wake up early to prepare ahead for the day, therefore, we request you to kindly adhere to meal timings.


We are pet-friendly. If you are coming with your pet, make sure they are well-mannered and that nothing gets broken. We do not provide dog food, please make sure you bring your own. We have 03 dogs and 02 cats at the property who live with the host. They are very loving and friendly and might occasionally come to visit you during your stay.

4G Connectivity

There is a good 4G connectivity for Airtel and Jio users, if you are planning to work from Hushstay x Aashraya. Being at an offbeat location, we do not have a WiFi connection in place.



“A charming little place tucked in the most unassuming part of Himalayas. What can I say. I'd gone to Ashraya with a bunch of friends to have a great, relaxing time and that is exactly what I got. Ashraya is wonderfully constructed, tastefully decorated, and superbly located in a place that inspires peace, adventure, and fun all at the same time. The idea of going to Ashraya is to cut off from the world of social media and electronics and find something that you can really connect with. We spent the time lazing at the nearby waterfall drinking beer and doing absolutely nothing. In all, great trip, awesome place. Highly recommended to all.”

- Abhishek, Gurgaon

Get in touch


Location and Contact

"Aashraya on the Ganga" is located about 45 km from Rishikesh off the Badrinath road. The closest road head is 3 km away and it takes about 40 mins to hike up to our place. However, it's based on your fitness level.


If you are coming by air, the closest airport is Jolygrant (Dehradun) with many flights connecting to Delhi. The airport is 60 kms away and it takes 01 hr and 45 min to reach the road head. 

Aashraya on the Ganga, Mahadev chatti, Chandpur Rishikesh,

Uttarakhand - 249192

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